I’m taking a short break…

31 03 2008

Between trying to fight off a head cold and a general sense of the “blahs” I’m not posting anything new this week. In the interim, I am putting together a post on the relationship between Otto Eisenschiml and Everton Conger.

As a preview, I will tell you that Eisenschiml was of the opinion that it was Conger who shot John Wilkes Booth, and not Boston Corbett.



4 responses

1 04 2008
Randal Berry

I thought Conger DID shoot Booth from the Grassy Knoll! LOL!
Looking forward to this one!


1 04 2008
Rob Wick


Actually, that’s just one of the other Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences that few people remember! LOL


4 04 2008
Samuel P. Wheeler

Hi Rob,

I look forward to a good post on Otto Eisenschiml and Everton Conger!


4 04 2008
Rob Wick


Glad to see you here! It will be a post, that’s for sure, but whether or not it’s good…time will tell.

Very interesting guest poster at LinconStudies. I left a comment. Hope others do as well.


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