I am an independent researcher and (hopefully soon) scholar who has studied the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln since the age of 8. I am currently working on a biography of Everton J. Conger, leader of the troops that captured John Wilkes Booth. My hope for this blog is to study matters of the Civil War other than military.


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19 02 2008
Kurt Cruppenink

This is a much needed blog that I look forward to contributing my humble opinions to on occasion. Nice work and good luck with your personal projects.

19 02 2008
Rob Wick

Hope you enjoy it. Work on my projects goes slowly. As I told a friend of mine when I started this, “as if I don’t already have enough to do!”


24 10 2009
Jeff Ingram

Hey Rob,

Mind if I publish this blog to the Friends of EC group on Facebook?


24 10 2009
Rob Wick


Not at all. Feel free.


22 06 2010
Judith Puckett

Mr. Wick,
If you have time, I would like to correspond with you about presenting a talk concerning your research sponsored by our historical society in a public meeting in Fairfield this fall. Your material is both high caliber and locally oriented. Scholarly work of this nature is, as you know, fairly rare in these parts (and other parts, as well) and I admire your discipline and self-motivation.

Judith Puckett

23 04 2013
Rick Brown

I am conducting research on Lafayette Curry Baker, also responsible for the capture and death of John Wilkes Booth. In your blog about Everton Conger, I noticed you made a statement that while Conger received $15,000 as his part of the reward money he built a house and lost the rest in a bad investment. Can you provide more specific information about that investment? I think I know what it was and whom else was involved.

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