Nothing new this week

21 05 2008

I’ve got nothing new this week, because I’ve been trying to work on the alleged book I’m supposedly writing. However, beginning next week I will start another series of posts on Civil War historians.

This time I will study the work and life of Bell Irvin Wiley.


Why another new Civil War blog?

31 01 2008

Starting yet another blog on the Civil War was never high on my list of things to do. But I decided to do this after the experience I had posting on Brett Schulte’s TOCWOC.  Even though there are a large number of people on that blog not much seems to be getting done. After writing the last two new posts myself, I decided this was something I could do on my own, although if Brett keeps the site up, I will occasionally cross-post things there.

So, what kind of blog did I want to do? I’ve never been strong on military matters where the war is concerned, so to try that would be an exercise in futility. After some lengthy thought, I decided I would blog on subjects that interest me, hence the name “One Man’s Rebellion Record”. I know “rebellion” is a red flag to some people, but it has always fit my view of the Civil War. The South rebelled against the ideals of the federal government and sought to create their own country, where their institutions would be safe from northern oversight. They lost, and that has brought us the world we have today.

Much of what I write here will focus on my current research interest, namely the life of Everton J. Conger, the government detective in charge of the troops that captured John Wilkes Booth. While there are some sites that deal with Lincoln’s assassination, I imagine about 60 percent of what I write will focus on that topic.

But I will also discuss various social and political aspects of the era, which I feel gets short shrift on most blogs simply because most bloggers like the military aspects of the war. In addition, I will talk about books that interest me, although I doubt I will do much in the way of in-depth reviews.

One thing I plan to do which I haven’t seen on any other blog is to discuss some of the older Civil War and Lincoln books that remain classics and why I think they continue to merit a look. I also will from time to time talk about past historians and how their work has influenced me. Most of those will be about historians no longer living, but not always.

I don’t approach this with any ax to grind, nor do I seek controversy just for its own sake. But I will not shy away from discussing things that are controversial. I might even discuss current events from time to time, but 95 percent of what I plan to write about will focus on what has been called “the middle period”.

Hope you enjoy it.