I was the kid who never got his homework done

28 05 2008

I had fully intended to begin a series of posts on Bell Irvin Wiley this week, but circumstance (and an open wallet) kept that from happening.

I usually write these posts on Monday, but given that last Monday was Memorial Day and I had made plans to spend far too much money at Home Depot (the official home improvement store/man’s playground of One Man’s Rebellion Record), it didn’t get written.
Since Monday was devoted to helping the economy, Tuesday was spent visiting with those who have joined the choir invisible and leaving them some beautiful, if not real, flowers. (Note: NEVER try to find flowers the day AFTER Memorial Day).

Since I now have to work the rest of the week, I’ve given up any thoughts of starting until next week.
However, as proof positive that I can turn any sow’s ear into a somewhat reasonable facsimile of a silk purse, there is a lesson to be learned on this that relates, at least in my world, to the war.
I’ve never been good at balancing my time. My mentor in college always chided me (gently, I should add) that if I didn’t get better at making use of the time I had, I wouldn’t get anything done. Looking back on it now, I wonder if I ever did get anything done?

Working full time and trying to write a book that has to be researched, and suffering from the aforementioned time affliction, has made for a somewhat disjointed effort so far. Add to that the extremely silly notion that my wife now expects me to make use of the paint, outdoor furniture and various other toys I picked up on Monday, and you can expect a conflict bigger than Gettysburg (and twice as loud, I might add).

I finally have accepted that no matter how hard I try, I just can’t do it all. So, I have seriously curtailed the amount of time I spend on Civil War discussion boards. My blog posts have to be written on Monday or they won’t appear that week. Reading for pleasure is limited to a short time after going to bed.
Every other bit of free time is dedicated to one thing–the research and writing of my book. After all, I’d like to try to get it finished while I still young enough to enjoy it.

Next week: Bell Irvin Wiley (I hope).